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In LANS S.A. DE C.V. we have experts in the field of advice from investment from various walks of life such as: real estate (mortgage debt), pledges (vehicles and machinery), and personal guarantees (orders discounts, executory titles etc.) We work with our investor clients to find the best real estate investment opportunities in El Salvador. By providing the deep "know how" of our firm in related areas, which allows us to better advise and find the safest and most profitable investment (mortgage debt) for our investor clients.

Our main competitive advantage is in addition to having extensive experience in the areas of investment, is that we bring to our customers the technology and experience as investors in evaluating and verifying the suitability of the guarantees in their investment negotiations.

Similarly on the basis of their interest, we analyze the legal, economic, technical and commercial aspects of the proposals, participating, if it is necessary, in the negotiations. We identified risk factors, proposed solutions or safeguards that we consider most appropriate in each specific case of investment.