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For a many Foundation she is an Organization or Institution, with the firm disinterested disposition to serve the resemblance to him. For us the relevance consists of the sense that all the people who conform our Foundation totally we are interested in serving the resemblance to him, so that we create and we are convinced that to serve the resemblance it is to serve to him God to him and to serve God is to serve to him to us same.

Foundation LANS born as a dream, which we are taking to make it a reality, with the financial support of LANS law firms and individuals interested in serving others, which takes place in two significant areas:

  • The first consists of legal advice and representation in the process, steps, processes and advice to poor people, which makes it difficult to perform their procedures at the precarious economic situation and they are often hesitant to go by the rule central bureaucracy, which makes slow sometimes justified their legal needs.
  • The second approach consists of a through service to our communities that are represented in various institutions of assistance and such other individuals, bringing entertainment, food, medicines, medical devices such as wheelchairs and the like, and so on. ...


Many achievements of our foundation throughout these 8 years of work of which we have developed: Lived in homes as St. Vincent de Paul in San Jacinto, Home Garden of Love of children with HIV Zacatecoluca, Adalberto Guirola child's home, House Queen Sofia of Messengers of Peace in Saint Martin, nursing home, St. Vincent de Paul Santa Tecla, House faith in Jesus Christ, etc ... in which these events have contributed to recreation for children and elderly people living in these homes, serving hundreds of meals, making trips to water parks, doing so each year Convivio special, which celebrates Christmas, giving gifts to all the people interned at the Centers for assistance in bringing together more than 250 children, elderly, etc.. ... for each household, a celebration of love and joy.

Our Foundation also contributes to the integral development of children with food donation envelopes, school, playground equipment, appliances, cleaning equipment, so that these households have the resources necessary for development of children and meeting the needs of the elderly.

LANS Foundation, has continued to support programs established legal institutions in which we develop projects such as: Donations to churches, individuals, institutions of EU aid The completion of deliveries of wheelchairs to children and youth with limited economic resources, thus helping in the process of development and protection of their fundamental rights.


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Donation of two beds and kitchen for the misses Alejandra and Jacqueline Hernández, sisters who were orphaned and the stepfather made the house being so that without being left homeless living in the house of an aunt for which they were helped with the above.
Donation of basic grains, kitchen and gas drum for Mrs. Mercedes Martinez who lives with her children and grandchildren, who are poor people, in canton Los Palones
Our foundation in the month of March made different donations of cash to many peopple so they could buy food due the CODIV-19 pandemic.
Lans Foundation in time of pandemic donates to 20 families of "La Pedrera" community in San Salvador, 20 family baskets with food, personal supplies and household chemicals.
Family baskets distributed in Canton Talpetates Santo Domingo, San Vicente.
Donation of family baskets with food, personal supplies, and cleaning supplies to 20 families in the Nueva Esperanza community in San Salvador, affected by Covid-19.
Donation of construction materials for Mr. Santiago Eduardo Mejia.
Donation of eight packages of seventy dollars in cash to various families affected by the pandemic.
Donation of 5 packages of seventy pains in cash to each of the various families affected by the pandemic, which are poor in San Salvador.