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There are some cases in which the beginning of a judgement is the only one tool to try to immobilize debtor´s properties or in it case, to make it difficult his or her commercial activity.

However, we have to extreme the process to beging in a fast and effective way the Judicial procedure working the careful ways about the wealth and/or on the person of the debtor (seizure on buidings, cars, agriculture machines, payments, bank acounts, cashier intervention, etc.).

LANS, S.A. DE C.V. count with professionals specialized in the Judicial area, which early of a few years to exercise their profession, they have known build different strategies to gain by this way the recovery of your money. To make such management we count with a legal
Advisory department that studies the viability and cost of the procedure in a single people out way, making the next document informing punctually of every processal movement processing since its biginning up to the end.

We put to your arrangement the need legal network through our net of external collaborators, and Lawyers in all the National territory.