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General Litigation

At our law firm, we have an area of litigation, with extensive experience in the solution of cases of a different nature and relating to different branches of the law, dedicated to all those matters in proceedings before civil courts and any jurisdiction, commercial, family and criminal.

The Litigation Department is responsible for addressing all types of litigation, disputes, negotiations and consultations of a procedural nature, this Department is in charge of lawyers and notaries, in the firm, dedicated exclusively to the processing and procurement processes in the courts of Justice, since we focus our practice of litigation to the business practice of our customers, within the context of litigation, is referred to all those performances that revolve around the administrative area, specifically in terms of resolutions or pronouncements emitiditos by State bodies, its centralized and autonomous organizations, implementing agencies, municipalities and enterprises public State or municipal, to be contrary or detrimental to interests of our clients, we have lawyers and with extensive practice in labour, criminal, civil, commercial, administrative, law judgments executives and for sectors specialist, right to the consumer, electricity and telecommunications etc.

In the same way it has the experience of having been required to carry out collections to various financial entities who have been important recoveries.

This Department is responsible for in addition to the advice to private individuals in the private sector. The fundraising in the following matters:

  • Procedural civil and commercial: common processes, keyboard shortcuts, special (executives, acknowledgments of debts, enforcement, etc.); payment order processes; and in general processes related to commercial law, execution proceedings; voluntary jurisdiction, boundaries and possession processes, heirs, declarations of absence and death declarations, records of adoption and foster care, wills, auctions, appointment of a guardian.
  • Proceedings pre litigation and litigation in claims for liability or contracts
  • Proceedings pre litigation and litigation claims by civil responsibility of administrators
  • Pre-litigiosas issues related to insurance contracts
  • Protection to the consumer
  • Alternative disputes resolution
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Crimes of high technology, etc..