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Mercantile Law

Our Mercantilism practice has put the consolidation of a prestigious department of our Mercantile Law, in which we develope legal activities such as:

Mercantile contracts
Unbounded business
Previous acts to the request
Remedial legal judicial of Titles values
Summary prcedures
Mercantiles executive Procedures
Bankruptcy procedures and its ramifications
Articles registration, simple period buy and sellings, exchanges, and similar documents in the commerce registry
Constitution of mortgages of companies and other real Rights that worsen capital encreasing.
Change of social naming (it includes additional treadings)
Dissolution and liquidation of partnerships
Credentials of legal representors
Constitution of partnerships, that includes: search of name, carrying out of public certificate of partnership, registration of this one in the commerce registry, registration of the partnership in the following institutions: corresponding major’s office Municipality, registration in the ministry of work, extension of the NIT ( Identification), IVA(Taxes) in the Treasure Ministry, carrying out of an auditing balance and its registration in the commerce registry, ragistration in statistic and census of the Economy registry.
Commerce regirtration document
Mergings and purchases

LANS, S.A DE C.V., welcome a group of experts in the advisory to the modern company in every single step of their social life. Such a way, our Lawyers advise in the starting first steps and organizarion of a company under any social appearance.