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Migratory Permissions

LANS, S.A DE C.V., extent advisory and legal orientation to corporative customers and phisical persons in the obtaining of visas of visitor non- inmigrants or inmigrants, and work permissions that allow to their foreigner workers, to their families, to their dependents economics, as well as individual persons, to keep their legal home stay and develope lucrative activities in Salvadoran territory. The Lawyers office is in charge of the migratory legal situation of the holder and of his or her family dependents it is actualized to specific activity to develope every family member in El Salvador.

The migratory lending service includes:

General advisory about advantages and disadvantages of the possible alternatives to obtaining a migratory way.
Legal advice in making the required document data to make longer the possibilities of the approval of an application in a migratory way.
Behalf of facing the general migration and foreign department.
Management and warnings facing the Ministry of work.
Processing of authorizations to legalization of foreigners with the purpose of working, to invest, to study, to lend thechnic advisory, to sostain speeches of negociations to live under the economic dependence of their family.
Processing the authorizations to obtain permanent residencein the country.
Challenge of resolussions in migratory matter facing the administrative authority.