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Our firm has a developed a solid track record in the section on providing our customers Outsourcing in the legal sphere, achieving an optimum way to outsource, thus making outsourcing and in an optimum way our customers and their companies focus their resources on what they do best, which is developing its ordinary course of business processes Outsourcing frees companies of their non-core tasks, allowing them to focus on the real core business of your business. While focusing on its core business and reduce costs (since it saves labor liabilities, the employer social security contributions), they also get real benefits to increase their operational efficiency, quality control and thereforetheir competitiveness, since by reducing overhead costs if they outsourced service, has enabled many businesses, from services to consumer goods, close their own departments customer relations, billing or legal areas, and externizarlos to specialized companies. Under positioning achieved by efficiency in providing the Service, by our Staff Association. Our firm has expanded its portfolio of services in terms of offering our customers in addition to legal outsourcing, the outsourcing services in various business sectors, including:

1. Management of court.

In our firm we have a team of facilitators (trained personnel and specialized in the effective management of collection), which is capable of saving time and costs in recovering their loans in arrears. A high percentage of accounts assigned to recovery in our Law Firm are resolved without having to resort to legal representation, saving time and money that creditors who rely on our experience in this type of management, but equally we experience in personnel selection and training of the same, in order to be able to provide outsourcing service to companies who want to start their collection departments in the most effective and economical manner, thus mounting debt recovery departments of both On-site customer (placing staff in the offices of our customers by our Law Firm), and from our Corporate Offices (by providing a physical structure and human element to the management of its portfolio of copper).

2. Risk analysis and business reports.

Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of a possible legal claim. Thus allowing to optimize results when selecting which cases should go directly to recovery in the legal field.

3. Legal area.

Our team of lawyers led by a judicial official with more than twenty years of experience, ensures our customers an efficient process. The choice of appropriate proceedings under the legislation in El Salvador, which is a guarantee of quick management, and which enjoyed a specialized representation in each of the branches of the law which concerned the dispute.

4. Dispatches contributors.

A distributed network of collaborating firms in the major capitals of Central America, which is a guarantee of quality service to clients at competitive costs in the region.