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Corporate Law

LANS, S.A. de CV., offers legal consultancy to its customers in the following aspects:

Constitution of companies throughout the Republic and the Central American area.
Vocational training and organization of companies as anonymous partnerships, civil partnerships, partnerships of limited responsibilities and others that contemplate the Central American laws.
Manufacture and registration of agreements of social constitutions and social statues.
Legal Behalf and Administrative of the society in the face of thirds, and sale of Properties and of Shares of Partnerships,
Provision of physical direction to receive correspondence and notifications,
Constitutions of Taxes and Deduction or taxes relief in properties of the Partnership,
Financial tra nsactions,
Merger, Dissolution, and Liquidation of partnerships,
Negociation of agreements between shareholder and others.
Management and custody of Books of certificates of shareholders and Books of shareholders, of increasement and decreasement of Capital and others,
Contract of Exemptions,
Administration of Partnerships,
Contracts of distributions and Atypical Contracts and unmentionables in general,
Legal Work Advisory in general.
Documents of settlement of agreements between shareholders.
Documents of settlement of agreements of management.
Earners´s Rights.
Development of deals with the employes.
Physical Planning and payments of taxes in general.
Superision of companies in the area of Central America from the legal viewpoint.

As well, our legal signature gives advisory to the Partnerships in relation with its activity and
commercial performance and its annual abligations giving frequent monitiors in the
competent gobernmental instititions about the validity of every kind of permissions and competent licences regarding to the activity that it developes, fullfilling as well to the standard of competition and of protection to the consumer.